New 24 Month Provisional Membership!

Experience for yourself the vital benefits of FMCA Membership

24 Month Full Member Provisional Membership Includes:

  • 10 Free Interchange reports..$15/report after first 10
  • All services offered through FMCA... Credit Interchange Reports, Claims & Collections,  Interchange Meetings  Networking & Education, Member Services, Demand Letters, Scheduled Recurring Reports, etc.
  • One Example of our BCR Reports
  • NO DUES for the 1st Year
  • Regular Dues for 2nd year with reduction in report cost down to $10/report
  • NO requirement to become a shareholder until AFTER the 24 month Provisional Membership is complete

Our Requirements:

  • Monthly Submission of Trade Data… Provisional Membership begins after the 1st trade file submission is received
  • Participate in at least two (2) Interchange meeting either in person or by teleconference during Provisional Membership
  • Complete brief survey after 24 months

 *We also have an Accessory Member 24 Month Provisional Membership (Contact FMCA for details)

Why Join?

FMCA Member organizations enjoy many competitive benefits:

  • Comprehensive Credit Reporting at the lowest possible cost
  • Connections with other industry credit professionals
  • Information that is not available on the web or in print
  • Credits earned toward meeting cost reductions
  • Home Furnishings Industry specific training and education
  • Cost effective collections services with real results sharing

What Members see:

  • Details of retailer payment history to specific Members
  • Up to date collections status
  • Payment issue alerts

Membership Options:

  • Full Member / Stockholder – 90% of our members hold stock
  • Accessory Member – Available for accessory (e.g. lighting) companies
  • NEW 24 Month Provisional Member

For More Information Contact:

David Johnston, Vice President & General Manager
(336) 889-2877