Claims & Collections


FMCA offers Claims and Collections Services to Members who want assistance in recovering delinquent receivables. These services are widely available, but FMCA offers explicit advantages:

  • Home Furnishing industry focus and experience
  • Direct supplier and retailer knowledge and experience
  • Collections process tailoring based on specific member needs and practices
  • Competitive pricing, including enhanced placement incentives and fee reductions
  • Direct access to detailed debtor payment histories with members
  • Members can track claims actions and status on-line 24/7

FMCA's professional collectors remain highly committed to maximum recovery for Members.

FMCA's Process:

Effective collections are time and effort dependent. Our collectors use time tested methods and apply maximum effort to recover payments or promptly move on to the next phase. Our approach is grounded in the following principles:

  • Working with the debtor in a cooperative but firm manner.
  • Determining the true business issue behind the debtor’s failure to pay
  • Assessing the maximum recovery amount and getting payment accordingly
  • Using FMCA’s collective leverage as a representative for many creditors
  • Moving forward with legal action promptly where appropriate

Process Tuning:

FMCA members have historically adapted our services to work best for their organization. This tuning occurs in the following ways:

  • Changing the relative time for specific action (e.g. Placing the claim earlier than 130 days.)
  • Bypassing specific actions. (e.g. No free demand period, no legal intervention, etc.)
  • Changing the level of Notification from FMCA to the Member.

Fees and charges:

FMCA remains uniquely rate competitive within the industry. As a cooperative membership organization we are able to share our success with additional post-collection rate reductions where warranted.